Miscellaneous Love

Can I buy just the Insert without a Cover?

Not online, no.  However it is available to purchase over the phone or in store.  Please note, that the Insert is not designed to be sat in without a cover.

Can I buy bags of foam filling separately?

No.  Our foam is only sold pre-filled and sealed in the sizes according to our range.

Can I buy the Insert cover or liner separately?

No.  This product is not sold separately.

Does Le Sac™ use my details for marketing?

No.  Your home address, phone number and email address are only stored for warranty purposes.  We don't send junk mail, spam or promotions.  If you sign up to our 'Sac Times or 'Sacnanigans via our website you will receive a quarterly newsletter.

Do any famous people own your items?

Absolutely.  To protect the privacy of those who have purchased from us, we won’t disclose their names without consent.  However, several current A-List Australian Actors own them.  One of the worlds most famous couples purchased from us this year.  Some of Australia's wealthiest own them.  Past and present AFL, NRL, Basketball and Cricket players own them.  A pro female Surfer and a couple Cyclists and Triathletes own them.  Various TV Celebrities own them.  Various Australian Idol and The Voice competitors/winners own them.  And then there’s all the Magazine Editors, Radio Hosts, Pro Gamers, Television Networks, Gaming Companies, and so on.

How is Le Sac™ involved with the community?

Every year we donate items to various non-profit organisations and other causes in order to help build awareness and reach fundraising targets.

We provide a welcoming and cooperative platform for customers, fans, friends, and the general public to discuss and share their interests with one another.  We are a family that supports each other.

We attend various expo’s across Australia, to supply comfort to the much needed staff and patrons.

How can I stay in the loop with Le Sac™?

Simply subscribe via our homepage with your email address for news, offers and shenanigans.

How much love goes into each product?

It’s immeasurable.  If we didn’t care about the product, our customers and their well being, there’s no way this product would be as good as it is.  We are the best because we’re not here to rip you off or cash in on an idea.  We are the best because we put love into everything we do.

Can I jump on my Sac?

We do not recommend that you jump on your item.  We take no responsibility for any damages to the item or injuries that may occur.  Jumping on your Sac puts unnecessary and improper stress on all facets of the item and will void your warranty.

Can I use my Sac as a crash mat?

We do not recommend using our items as crash mats.  We take no responsibility for any damages to the item or injuries that may occur.

How many K2's would could fit across the width of Australia?

Approximately 2,105,263.