What are Le Sac's?


Let's begin your 'sac-ucation...

Are they just big beanbags? No! Our 'sacs come with a 10year Warranty, and are not filled with polystyrene beans, but are instead filled with a polyurethane foam - Endurofoam by Dunlop- hence they are not 'Bean Bags'. Endurofoam is hypoallergenic, bacteria and moisture resistant, and is capable of being recycled. Our foam furniture is made with specially selected grades of foam that are very similar to what you will find in mattresses, conventional furniture, and pillows. Each Le Sac has two components: An Insert and a Cover.  Our items are made in Australia.

What is an Insert?

  • This refers to the foam content contained in an inner lining. The Inserts are handmade and are all serial coded as to when and how they were made. After manufacturing, each item is individually tested and given a digital certificate detailing the individual results for warranty, archival purposes, and guaranteed satisfaction.  Think of this as your ‘pillow’.

What is a Cover?

  • A softer coloured layer of your choosing.  They too are handmade and are designed to be machine washable and interchangeable.  Think of this as your 'pillow-case'.

Our foam Insert is guaranteed to last 10 YEARS without needing refilling.  It comes pre-filled direct from our factory for no mess or fuss.  Dunlop foam is 10 times more comfortable than beans.  Our foam doesn’t make a sound when you sit on it. Our foam moulds to your shape and remains flexible and breathes. The potential for our foam to harm your children, pets or the environment is minuscule because of its hypoallergenic, bacteria and moisture resistant properties; and our items are carefully sealed during construction.

If I open the compressed Insert will foam go everywhere?

No. The foam is sealed within a liner.  Our foam furniture items are designed so that you will never have to touch the foam content.  We pre-fill your Sac at the factory and seal it to ensure that it is safe.  All you have to do is simply fluff the Sac by punching and massaging the foam Insert; following the 'How To Nest & Rest' instructions.  

Why choose us?

We're here to serve you. Our mission is one of integrity, sustainability, and innovation, all with a view to enhancing the lives of the people we connect with. We have 15 years of experience, are the original foam filled alternative in Australia, and you will not find another item by any other company with the same properties of the same quality. Our foam, our refined hands on approach to manufacturing the items -we are the ultimate in alternative furniture. Accept no substitutes or imitations.

What do they feel like to sit on?

Like sinking into a bed full of down feathers.  Or a hug by a giant cashmere Teddy-Bear. Or like floating on your back in a pool of water on a warm summers day.  The most comfortable alternative to regular furniture.  Make no mistake - nothing compares to the welcoming, immersive, all encompassing embrace of our items.

Why do they cost so much? 

Our items aren't made offshore. They're made here. We don't want to make an inferior product, it is not part of our mission. You can be sure our foam is sourced, selected and shredded locally.  Our warranty is stronger than any other brand or product on the market.  As they are Australian made, the costs associated with manufacturing locally are higher; however, you can rest assured that every item is individually tested and approved before being fit for sale.

How does Le Sac compare to other brands? 

There is no comparison.  From the design, comfort, construction, value, and longevity of the product; to the authenticity, reliability, expertise, and professionalism of our customer service and brand - you will not find a better investment.  Ask what their product is, how they control the quality, how they manufacture, where they get the product from, what their philosophy is, what they provide the customer, what their return policies are, what their delivery wait times are; and then compare.  There is no comparison.

Are they the same as a Fatboy, Ambient, FUFsac, Cosysac, Lazybag, Comfysac, King Kahuna, Therapy Pod, Sumosac, Bag2Bed, Kloudsac, or other imitation product?


Le Sac Vs Lounge?

Most lounges are constructed in such a way that they force you to sit in a set position; hence why shopping for lounges can be irksome in that everybody finds something different comfortable.  Our Sacs are full of malleable foam that shapes itself around the body of weight that presses into it; therefore moulding specifically to your individual shape.  What’s more you can move your Sac easily out of the way; in the case with smaller items - quickly from room to room.  And unlike most lounges you can take the covers off and wash them - or simply change the colour!

However, we don't believe our items should necessarily replace a lounge.  They represent different qualities in a space.  A lounge is a formal way to entertain your guests and past-times.  Sacs are a more relaxed way to entertain your guests and past-times.  If you're lucky enough to have the space you may entertain the idea of both in the same space or even have two separate areas allocated to different past-times.

Are they good for your back? 

In short, they are designed to mold completely to your shape, in such a way that the entire of your body is hugged and supported.  That means you can let all your muscles relax - similar to lying in your bed.

‘Sitting’ is generally considered bad for the back and posture; movement every 20mins keeps the body supple like a well oiled machine.  People with existing spinal issues may find our Sacs comfortable, however the seat is quite low to the ground, and may be difficult to get out of.

There are a lot of lounge products out there that ask your body to conform to a particular shape.  We hear it all the time: “We spent thousands on a lounge which looks great, but I can’t sit comfortably”.

With all of this in mind, we believe that our products are better for your back than most lounges.  If you have back issues and doubts about support and comfort the best way to find out is to try one.

Are the Sacs considered ergonomic?

Not technically.  Ergonomic definition: "...maximise efficiency whilst minimising physical effort and discomfort."

Our items are designed to minimise physical effort and maximise comfort.

Ergonomics is also called biotechnology: which is the study of the relationship between workers and their environment; specifically - the equipment they use while performing tasks pertaining to their job.

The Rest Is Yours!