Two+ Seater


So, you want the biggest, baddest, softest sac experience.  You want to immerse yourself in the coolest piece of furniture on the planet.  These giant sacs give you all of that and more.  Forget the lounge - who sits upright on a lounge anyway?  Lie down, stretch out, cuddle up, share the love.  These bad-boys were built to take over your living room. 

The Le Sac™️ Lanren, is the ultimate two-seater.  It's the perfect alternative furniture for your lounge room.  Lounge rooms aren't meant to be a formal space.  They're meant for relaxing. If the Lanren isn't enough for you, then we have the answer; the Le Sac™️ K2.  This gigantic sac is the biggest bean bag on the market.

Both items offer superior comfort, are filled with our premium foam blend, and are guaranteed to be a feature in your home. 

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