One+ Seater


Whether you're looking for a medium-sized sac to share or a versatile sac for different occasions these intimate items offer a little more scope to enjoy with others.  They are the most popular bean bags in our range, offering a perfect blend of style, size, flexibility and comfort.

The Le Sac™️ Duette is the perfect companion piece to a lounge.  When you're wanting to snuggle together and watch your favourite show, the Duette will enhance that experience. 

Alternatively, if you have a narrow space, but still want the ultimate sac experience, the Le Sac™️ Repose will cater to your needs.  Perfect for bedrooms or a study, it's also light enough to move from room to room.  Flip it over and lie on it like a giant pillow.  Or flip it on it's side, push it in half and magically make room for two.

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