Kidsac Product Safety Recall

Kidsac Product Safety Recall

Dear Customers,

We advise that the following product has been recalled under the Safety Standard 2014: Kidsac - sold by Lovesac.  This recall is item specific and only pertains to those sold/purchased between 01/07/2016 and 14/03/2018.

Defect : The product does not meet the Consumer Goods (Bean Bags) Safety Standard 2014

Hazard : The external cover is not fitted with a warning label or a child resistant slide fastener , which could pose a potential choking/suffocation hazard to young children .

What to do : Consumers should contact Lovesac to make arrangements to either return the external cover/bag (only) for repair or to arrange a replacement external cover/bag (only).

Repair : Lovesac will remove the toggle/puller on the external cover zip and attach a current warning label on the cover before returning it to the consumer. Please do not return the inner bag to Lovesac.

Replace : Lovesac will send a replacement cover to the consumer asking them to return the existing cover to be destroyed

Contact details : Lovesac can be contacted via the website at, by email at, or via phone on (02) 9380 4904 (7 days a week, 10am - 6pm)

See for Australian product recall information.

Our official recall document can be found here.

Le Sac continues to strive for excellence and provide you with ultimate comfort.

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