It is with great pride and peace that we say farewell.

We have been through many challenges and changes over the years, and we could not have maintained our dominance without the support and encouragement of our customers. Without you, we would not have striven to make our product better. Without you, our business would have been as dull as any other furniture showroom. The pleasure of a customer ditching their lounge for our product; the joy of seeing someone try our product for the first time; of kids and families hanging out in our store for fun; are but a handful of the wonderful moments we’ve shared with our wider community.

We’ve shipped our product everywhere in Australia and across the globe. There are few businesses that can boast a 95% 5-Star rating after 14+ years of business. Our team never took short-cuts and always strove to produce quality, durable, luxurious and - of course – fun, furniture.

We wish you success and happiness in your own ventures. Adieu.

The Rest Is Yours…

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