Sale Must End: Midnight 11th January

G'day Saccers,

We hope that everyone has had a safe and cheerful Christmas.  The New Year brings hope, together with new challenges. 

Shipping Le Sacs is not an easy exercise.  Most of our items exceed courier "standard" weight limits and are therefore considered "bulk freight".  In addition, the higher demand placed on courier companies has led to a price increase and/or additional surcharges; of which Le Sac™️ has incurred up until this point, out of good will.  

Instead of raising our shipping costs, we have decided to end our 12-month-long sale prices as of midnight, the 11th of January.  If a customer can source a shipping cost cheaper than ours, we will happily assist with organising the pickup from our warehouse.  For more details visit: Can You Ship For Less?

Thank you for your enduring support of Australian small business.   

The Rest Is Yours!

~ Le Sac™️

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