Le Sac response to Covid-19

G'day 'Saccers both old and new, 

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, what is Le Sac™️ doing with regard to Covid-19?   

  • Fortunately Le Sac is predominantly an online business. Customers have been able to book appointments to try Sacs at our factory.  To protect staff and customers alike, no appointments will be available until further notice.  
  •  Our online presence supports customers to order, have items delivered via a national carrier and, subject to conditions, return the Sac within 30 days if not satisfied.  Usually conditions include that the Sac must be returned in excellent condition and that freight costs are paid by the customer.  During this challenging time Le Sac will alter the conditions regarding return freight.  Greater Sydney region return freight will be free and all other freight will be 50/50 actual cost when booked through Le Sac. Obviously we are confident in our products!

The Le Sac difference:

  • Are they just big beanbags? No! Our 'sacs come with a 10 year Warranty, and are not filled with polystyrene beans, but are instead filled with a polyurethane foam - Endurofoam by Dunlop.      
  • Endurofoam is hypoallergenic, bacteria and moisture resistant,  anti-microbial and is capable of being recycled. Our foam furniture is made with specially selected grades of foam; similar to that in mattresses, conventional furniture, and pillows. 
  • These materials are sourced from and manufactured here in Australia.

Our offer: 

  • Le Sac have good stocks of most Sacs and no current obstacles to supplying within 14 days.
  • Prices of core products have been discounted for the past two months. We wish to advise that these discounts will be extended until at least 30 June 2020.
  • Freight costs have been capped at $40 or $100 for a single complete Sac depending on your location within Australia.  We know that you know there is no such thing as free delivery!
  • If you are thinking of buying, maybe a Lanren for a funky home office, check out our reviews (they are excellent), measure up your space, email any questions and let’s get rolling.

To those of you with whom we've had the pleasure of meeting over the years - old and new - we extend our well wishes.

Take care.

Roderic Byrnes

Managing Director

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