Le Sac™️ Future Fabric Options

In this Le Sac™️ Blog:

  • We discuss our fabric and colour range
  • We announce the arrival of custom made covers

There is no limit to the reach of today's consumer. While many customers enjoy browsing in retail stores, the emergence of online shopping arms consumers with product knowledge and an endless amount of choice. If the product isn't available locally, consumers can find it somewhere from across the globe.

In recent years Le Sac™ employees have noticed increasing customer queries and awareness of environmental impacts of products.

"We've always been environmentally conscious. Since we started manufacturing we've prevented over 300 tonnes of brand-new, unused, off-cut foam, from going to landfill." ~ Rod Byrnes, Director.

While Le Sac™️ has performed credibly with foam management, further improvement can be made to reduce our footprint through better fabric management.  Occasionally a customer indicates that Le Sac’s choice of covers is less than some overseas offerings, however, staff are quick to point out that manufacturing product variants in excess of demand – particularly cheaper varieties whose performance suffers as a result - is both a drain on economic resources, and when - handled inadequately - is potentially harmful to the environment. A distressing piece of data shows that every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing material (alone) goes into Australian landfills (source: RagTrader).

As a small Australian business, Le Sac™ is evolving to offer customers a superior choice of covers without the economic or environmental impact.

"You have two unlimited options. Bring us the fabric and we'll make it for you. Or, tell us the fabric and colour you want, and we'll source it and make it for you. Your perfect one-of-a-kind Le Sac is just a quote away." ~ Ray James, Director.

From 1 October 2019, Le Sac™ will hold stock of a core colour/fabric range selected by customer purchasing trends. These are

  • Microsuede: Bright Red, Tasman Blue; Steel Grey;
  • Plushsuede: Espresso Brown
  • Corduroy: Forest Green

Though, at first glance, the core selection may appear "limited", Le Sac™ has extended its capabilities substantially, and positioned itself to accept orders of an unlimited amount of cover and fabric options. Progressively, Le Sac™ will increase a collection of fabric rolls from which customers may choose for custom making. A further impressive aspect to this announcement is the ability for a customer to choose their own fabric and colour (taking account of our recommended fabric specifications) and have their exclusive cover made.


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