Changing lanes- what it's like to rebrand.

For the better part of 14 years we traded under the same name.  To contemplate changing seemed such a foreign notion at first, and to be honest, really scary and a little bit intimidating. But the reality was that if we wanted to be more than what we were, to spread our wings so to speak, then we had to be brave and take action on some hard choices.

Changing our name to Le Sac was a lengthy, multi-layered process. An amalgam of all the components that constituted the business. Where to begin proved to be a challenge, so before deciding on the new name, we went back to our roots and refined our core values and mission.

Innovation, integrity, and sustainability underpin our value system. This is why we continue to stay Australian made, and invest in quality foam made here to standards unlike anywhere else in the world. This in turn helped to crystallise our mission: to create innovative alternative furniture in an environmentally sensitive manner. And in doing so change the lives of our customers by providing them with premium comfort , and a sense of joy which they can take with them into the rest of their lives.

Understanding our purpose again allowed us to fuel the new name with a sense of destiny. It informed, and continues to inform, many of the choices that we make. Le Sac, which translates into 'The Bag', was the obvious choice that reflected not only the premium nature of the product, but of our desire to serve the community in a profound manner.

It has not been an easy process. I would describe it as a fluid situation atop a solid foundation. While getting the name right, and reaffirming our values constituted a huge task, we have at the same time had to continue to change and develop other aspects of the business as well. Design elements had to change, new materials needed to be purchased, advertising, signage, website interface, supply, distribution, the transference of warranty and good will. There was much to be done to breathe the right kind of life into the new form.

It has certainly been a unique and unforgettable experience.  Though we had some idea of the process, we didn't know what hurdles we'd encounter - both positive and negative.  The only logical thing to do is to focus on what is real and what is happening now.  The past can hold you back and the future can invoke fear.  Make the objective clear; continue to provide excellent product; maintain your values; and above all, communicate clearly and effectively, with integrity.  Our actions speak for themselves. The bigger picture remains in sight, though the detail demands constant revision as future markets are are always shifting.

With this framework in place, the world is full of possibilities.  This is exciting, and a driving force behind the new and renewed enthusiasm we feel. Our hope now is to continue to grow, continue to invest locally, and in the near future open ourselves up to the entire world.

Rod Byrnes

Managing Director @ Le Sac

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